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Sorry it has been such a while...

30 April 2015

This is partly due to a new, brand & spanking(!) Webby thing being in the offing.. and I have been Busy - Honest!  Almost hit the Unlimited jack-pot with being short-listed.. presently working on another funding application, to get my beautiful Semmersuaq out on the road after her night in Liverpool at Unity Theatre, as part of DaDa International, back in November.. a 2nd puppetty project in development.. reviews for Disability Arts Online.. little bit of filming with our Big Lounge Collective and of course - last but never least )`tho us Lifers are really on Death Row now) - still campaigning to #SaveILF! Here's to change hopefully sweeping the land, a week from today... X :-)

A few new #SoS photos...

3 August 2014

from December `13 Disability History Month's

New photos now added to the gallery!  With thanks to Dr. Ju Gosling and apologies to Nickie for mis-spelling her name! x 

24 March 2014

Here's the link to all things ME via Shape! :-)

SHAPEarts #CreativeSteps film!

24 March 2014

2014!?! February already?!?

25 February 2014

Crikey how did that happen!?

My only excuse for not getting back here, quicker is that @PinkPixie has been busy!..

* I finally got to perform the whole of #SongOfSemmersuaq before Christmas, as part of Disability History Month, to an audience of young people and their families, who attend Richard's House hospice in Newham, E. London.  :-)

* 2 great Casting opportunities; the 1st hosted by Equity at the BBC in December, auditioning for Casters for the Beeb, ITV, Channel 5 etc.. and I had my photo taken with the tardis! Will get around to up-loading the photy eventually. ;-)

  2nd opportunity was auditioning for both the RSC & the NT at the National Theatre Studios!  Was a challenging, enjoyable & provocative event...  Both opportunities mean now we are at least confident that these national and integral bodies know disabled actors exist!! ;-D

* Like buses, jobs either come 2 together or not at all; I spent 2 weeks rehearsing a spot of Wheely Dancing for #FolkInMotion at Cecil Sharp House, the `Home of English Folk Dance' and working on a fascinating project called #SICK with Graeae Theatre Co; a verbatim piece being written from interviews with claimants who have been through the Work Capability Assessment...  :-{{

Irons are in the fire and I'm looking forwards to attending this on Thursday: utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=event_reminder&utm_term=eventname&ref=eemaileventremind

I really believe all things disability related are first & foremost, an Equalities `issue' and that this is where we need to be at...

Cheers everyone, hope Spring is on its way,



11 July 2013

Its been, err.. a while since I was last here!  And now it's Summer (finally) again and almost a year since #POC...

Where to start with all thats gone on, these past few months?  I'll be brief:

Presenting the odd in-a-good-way Download for DN: 

Performing with #NaturalDiversions at festivals, :

Performing with #Graeae in The Limbless Knight and we'll be back in September for Liberty!

Recent workshop for #EpicArts with Moderating #ILAsPA_Cafe.. Still working with Big Lounge Collective.. Bits `n pieces with #DAII & Islington Council's #IPBN and last but absolutely not `least, me & (amongst others) filmed for the #NastyCut videos to SAVE THE ILF X <3 x ! 

So that's a  bit of it at least!  PS. PLEASE DO SIGN & SHARE:

xx  Happy Sun Every-one :-)


14 September 2012

Me & Semmy!

So it's really HAPPENED - #SUMMER2012 ! Where to start? I'll keep it brief.  Seems long ago now but #Song of Semmersuaq week at Halfmoon YPT, culminating in a Showing to 60 local Primary School pupils, was a real pleaure; I'm in the (slow) process of up-loading photos for here.  And then it finally came `round, after months of *blood, sweat & tears (*Well, bruises at least - Oh Yes!)... Olym/Paralymics & The Paralympic Opening Ceremony!  I cannot describe how elated I felt that night in the stadium, performing with so many friends - old & new - in the presence of Stephen Hawking.  And then to turn on mi-telly in the following weeks and see so many Bendy Peops!  LONG MAY IT LAST! Xx PS. Just remembered - pleased to say I'm presently one of ShapeArts featured practitioners: keeping the profile up-dated with regular posts is on my To-do List! ;-)

Song of Semmersuaq!

8 June 2012

Just a quicky to say she's really on her way! Have a click & come if you can (please let Halfmoon know tho')

;-) x

HANG-UPS & other Feats of Daring Do!

17 April 2012

Myself & Tina Carter

Way too tardy lately, in keeping this site up-dated - busy Post-Eggsta-Bunny `n all that - but pleaz do take a little looky at this film of our Hang-Ups project... It was great fun to make & we've had an overwhelmingly positive response so far - apparently it's already been viewed in 27 countries!?!  Oooh...

 Watch, hopefully enjoy & complete the que's.  Many thanks! :-D

Meanwhile, I don't know where the last few weeks have gone AGAIN!  I was one of the team of facilitators for Graeae's national tour of Reasons To Be Cheerful's outreach workshops, alongside Mr. Daniel Braverman :-).  We visited various schools, each presenting very different experiences and challenges for us and I'm glad to say Anarchy is alive & well in the British Yoof!  Rock `N Roll isn't always just Sex & Drugs; sometimes its being 14yrs-old, female & male, polite & respectful, mature & ABSOLUTELY STICKING TO WHAT YOU BELIEVE! Enuff said...

Have to say tho, highlight for me at the beginning of this month, was my 2 days at Halfmoon YPT: working on my puppetty piece #Song Of Semmersuaq!  Directed by my Candian Sister - well, kind of! - Alex Bulmer: we'll be back there in June with Puppet Maker Tony Mason & Sound Artist Alisdair McGregor, for a Showing hopefully Pre-DaDa Fest this August...

Ok, I promise to try and not leave it so long next time... It'll probably snow or something again before then anyway!

;-) x 

2000 & Twelve - some sort of Odessy?!

2 February 2012

Well here we are in February and already it's all kicking off this year!

Good to see lots of coolly disabled people protesting against the Cuts so recently, on the last Saturday of January; lets keep positive and turn the tide against all this horrendous injustice...

Meanwhile for me personally it's all a bit full on!  Very pleased to have had a column published in Disability Now, back in December:

I have also written recently for AbleMagazine, which will be out in March :-).  

Just after Christmas, funding was confirmed for The Big Lounge Collective's Research & Development week, so 6 of our Magnificent 7 (or 8 as I think we are now?!) plus Liz Carr, began work on our project...  Keep checking back for further details!

Workshop planning sessions have also been had over at Bradbury Studios with Graeae Theatre, to coincide with their National Tour of Reasons To Be Cheerful - the Ian Dury inspired musical - playing over the next couple of months.  Several of us will be running workshops in schools, related to the show.

Hopefully I'll be having a mini-break next week, when I embark on `Tenerife Trip, part 2 &-not-with-Easyjet' and providing I get there & back ok, I'll then be starting my Hang Ups project with Tina Carter.  Tina is a fantastic aerial artist & tutor and together, we'll be filming a duet we're about to create, with me in a cocoon.. well that's the idea anyway!!

So that just about wraps it all up for now and let's do wrap up out there, `cause it's absolutely FRIIZZZING!

See you again soon,


So is it now Autumn proper?!

21 October 2011

It's all been such a whirlwind of different temperatures & stuff I'm not sure!  But it is October after another couple of hectic months.  Fab few days at The National Theatre, as part of their Deeper Insight out-reach in conjunction with ShapeArts; followed by International Lab with Candoco Dance Co. last week, at the Royal Festival Hall, S-Bank.. and yesterday Disability Capital & NAIDEX at Xcel!!  Hmm...

This month also saw the end of the Reframing Disability exhibition being shown at Shape and I was very happy to speak on the panel, at its close.  I've blogged ot for DAO at: ... Hope you enjoy... :-)

PS. I'm also now a Twitt(!): @SophEpartridge  !!!!/SophEpartridge 

Big Lounge Collective & other wondrous happenings!

26 July 2011

Rhinestone Rollers 2011

Crikey - July almost gone already?!

Its been a busy few months; 4 Rhinestones  + 1 Wannabe Roller & 3 Muscle Marys put out in style at GFID, for 2 lovely days at the end of last month :-).  We'll be back again, first Saturday in September at the Liberty Fest', this year at the Southbank Centre.

Other big news is the formation of the Big Lounge Collective!  7 Magnificent Artistes (including my not-very-humble self!) have formed a production company and we are about to embark on our first creative project.  As always, `watch' this space for further details and the launch of our web-site.

Last but never least, still planning a future for Song of Semmersuaq; all things crossed for a production next year...

Thanks once again for dropping by and if I don't hear from or see you again before, enjoy the summer - what's left of it!


Ether Books!

8 May 2011

My short story Semmersuaq The Hard (which Song of Semmersuaq, performance piece is based on) can now be downloaded onto an i-app' from Ether Book.  My Biog' there is at: .

Meanwhile, back into development of Rollers at the end of this month, for Wheels on Broadway.. "& not Ealing!". 1st roll of 2011 will be at Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, last w/kend of June: .


Song of Semmersuaq

8 April 2011

Beautiful Semmersuaq

Wednesday March 30th, saw the culmination of Research & development (funded by GFTA) in a Showing of the above performance piece I am writing for myself, with puppets!  Most ably assisted by a puppet-maker & sound-scape artist, also with direction & dramaturgical support, I performed extracts of the short script to an invited audience at People Show Studios, Bethnal Green.  The event went well & I really enjoyed performing again!  Am now wading through the feedback forms and considering all options, as to where the piece can now go.  Please do watch this space, to find out how Semmersuaq grows


New Year - New Things!

8 January 2011

Floozie Loosey

I was fortunate enough to be awarded an Arts Council Grant in November `10, towards the writing & development of my new piece `Semmersuaq'.  Following a rehearsed reading of an early draft, at the fabulous DaDa-Fest also in November - as well as Burlesque! - I had a PlayLab day at the Bradbury Studios, Graeae Theatre Co. last month.  We explored the inclusion of both puppetry & music into the script!  I'm now re-drafting with all these elements in mind and chuffed (as always) to be supported by Graeae alongside very talented people including Paul-`Mr. Reasons'-Sirett, Amelia Cavallo, Tony Mason, Alex Bulmer & Carissa Hope-Lynch :-).  There will be a Sharing of how the piece has progressed at the end of March, so please watch this space...

Also please do read my Blog (see link on previous News item) on DAO as writing this has been a real boost for me in 2010!  

Meanwhile keeping my bread buttered(!) co-leading weekly workshops with some Coolly young disabled people at the Huddleson Centre, as part of the Develop Young Hackney project.  Hopefully there will be a chance to see them perform next month.

Have a lovely New Year every-one! x

8 January 2011

Have a lovely New Year every-one! x

Blog on DAO

16 July 2010

I'm really chuffed to have been invited to do this! 

Please visit my blog on DAO here.

Rhinestone Rollers with Graeae Theatre Co.

9 July 2010

Rhinestones finally Rolled again on Saturday at Gillet Square, Dalston as part of the Barbican Dance Festival and we'll be returning to Dance our way through the Ages at Liberty Fest', in September...


23 April 2010

The series of workshops at Marshalls Park School in Romford, on `Olympics & Inclusion', are now completed and were a success!  Many thanks to all staff & students who participated, for their enthusiasm & creativity.

Spent 3 days this week Rolling with the Rhinestones again and looking forwards to dancing our way through time this summer.  Also anticipating performing new material, including my own, at DaDaFest international 2010, in the Autumn. 

More news on this in the coming months... :-)

successful schools tour of 'Just Me, Bell'

6 November 2009

Poster for Just Me, Bell

"I thought `Just Me, Bell' which I saw at the Bradbury Studios, was an   excellent piece of work. The dialogue was beautifully captured and the performances very strong. The interactivity was very clever and provocative without being tricksy. I thought it was one of the best things I've seen the company do - so many congratulations to Sophie..." - comment from audience member

This short piece I was commissioned by Graeae Theatre Co. to write, toured schools until 20th November `09, with a great inclusive cast of 4 actors & 1 Sign Language Interpreter…

"What word d’you want me to use? Spaz? Special? Well I’m Not. I’m just me, Bell."
Bored of her pushy dad, and exams and fed up with her clothes, Bell can’t even get detention for racing around school in her wheelchair. She wants what most 14-year-old girls want: boys, a bit of fun and most of all respect.
It’s non-uniform day and open-mic night, and Bell is all set to perform. An unexpected rivalry arises when 15-year-old Sam decides to enter the competition, throwing the day into turmoil. Sacrifices must be made and it’s time for Bell to decide what’s most important to her. Will she lose her best friend? Will she ever get the chance to sing? And can she get the respect she deserves?

Just Me, Bell is an interactive performance, which encourages participants to use critical thinking and creativity in shaping the story.
The performance and engagement is relevant to Citizenship and PSHE curriculum and encourages participants to:
- Explore the social and moral dilemmas presented by the performance.
- Engage with their cognitive skills and emotional intelligence to make collective choices, finding solutions through negotiation & voting.
- Translate moral and social dilemmas into dramatic narrative.
- Explore ways of challenging disability discrimination both in and out of school. What role can we play in breaking down barriers?

Read an extract of the script here.

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